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Knapp Medical Staff

The Knapp Medical Center Medical Staff is made up of physicians, dentists and podiatrists who
are all independent professional practitioners. The Medical Staff is divided into six basic categories of membership:

Active Medical Staff

  • Active staff members have their primary practice at Knapp.
  • These members regularly admit and treat patients at Knapp Medical Center.
  • They may be members of other Valley hospital staffs, but the majority of their practice is here.
  • These members maintain an office in the Knapp Medical Center Primary Service Area.

Consulting Staff

  • Consulting Staff are medical specialists who are called in by and work with Knapp Medical Staff.
  • Consulting Staff members, who do not have admitting privileges, provide consultation in their medical specialties to a primary care physician.
  • An example would be a cardiologist (heart specialist) who is called in by a primary care physician.

Courtesy Staff

  • Courtesy Staff members may admit and/or treat up to 12 patients a year at Knapp.

Emergency Department Staff

  • Emergency physicians see and treat patients in Knapp’s Emergency Department (ED) only.
  • We have at least one ED physician on duty at all times.
  • From 12 noon to midnight daily, we have two ED physicians available.

Hospitalist Staff

  • Hospitalist Staff members specialize in providing care to hospitalized patients.
  • These members do not have offices in Knapp’s primary service area.
  • These members include physicians who treat adult or pediatric patients.