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Diabetes Food Chart Outreach Program

Diabetes has been a leading cause of death in America, and especially in the Rio Grande Valley and in Texas. One in six patients admitted to Knapp Medical Center has diabetes. The Knapp Auxiliary recognized the seriousness of these statistics and has responded by developing and supporting a nationally-recognized, award-winning program – the Diabetes Food Charts.

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Here’s a summary of how this important service has developed over the years.

  • In 1996, the Knapp Auxiliary provided a $10,000 grant to develop Diabetes and Renal Food Charts.
  • Food charts being used at that time were inaccurate and not sensitive to the cultural backgrounds and literacy levels of patients being served.
  • In collaboration with the hospital’s Public Information and Nutrition Service Departments, along with the Auxiliary President at the time, Bruce Lime, two user-friendly, bilingual, four-color food charts were developed and printed in 1997.
  • The full-color charts were and are easy-to-use and help diabetes patients understand how to make healthy food choices to better manage and control their disease.
  • Patients and dietitians responded very favorably.
  • In 1997, Knapp dietitians suggested that the charts be sold to area facilities – hospitals, clinics, dialysis centers – and the Auxiliary Community Outreach Project was born.
  • Mr. Lime continued his personal interest in this project and volunteered hundreds of hours to expand the program’s reach state-wide and then throughout the United States.
  • Our Diabetes Food Charts are sold and used throughout the country and have become a favorite teaching material for patients, dietitians and diabetes educators.
  • Some 75,000 Diabetes and Renal Food charts have been sold to dietitians throughout the United States.

Recognition and Awards

Since first developed, the Knapp Diabetes and Renal Food Charts have been recognized and have garnered state and national awards.

  • 1998: Awarded the Past President’s Award from the Texas Association of Hospital Auxiliaries
  • 2000: Included in an Excellence in Community Service Award that the Knapp Diabetes Center received from the Texas Hospital Association
  • 2000: Recipient of American Society of Directors of Volunteer Services Extraordinary Program Award for Community Outreach
  • 2010: The American Hospital Association recognized Knapp as one of only four hospitals in the United States with its coveted Hospital Award for Volunteer Excellence (HAVE).

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